Remember that bromide they put in our tea

To keep us from thinking ‘bout lasses

To keep us from thinking our wild sinful thoughts

From hairs on our palms, wearing glasses.


Well now I’ve got news for their lordships

Their venture was not a success

There was’nt a morning that I did’nt wake

Just raring to go I confess


With others around me, be—moaning their fate

Limp organs, a motley selection

There stood young Mick in arrogant pride

Displaying a healthy erection


So it has been, since those war—ridden years

I’ve never begged any girl’s pardon

For failing to rise to the matter in hand

I’v e always come with a ha~rd—on


But now anno—domini’ s taking it’s toll

From coitus I seem to be shirking

‘cause now lam doomed to a celibate life

That bromide is bloody well working.



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