Colonel Owtram Letter

November 24th 1945

Dear Mr Mitchell

I am sorry to say that the war office official notification about your son is correct, and may I express my deep sympathy with you and Mrs Mitchell.

I remember your son arranging a concert at Lark Hill in 1941, in fact I went and sang at one which he arranged as it happens. I was involved in the incident in which he was killed.

We were traveling by train, when two four Jap bombers came over. Everyone ran out of the train, which was stationary, but I am sorry to say 9 of the regiment were killed your son among them- and a number were injured. To the best of my memory I believe he was killed instantaneously and would know nothing about it.

There was no chaplain with us so I did the best we could for all of them and dug graves where they were killed. I then read a passage from "Revelations Ch 21. V 1-6 and some prayers from a little book which one of the men had, then the Lords prayer and a little extempore prayer over each of them. We could do no more,

But what we did we done with the utmost reverence.

He is buried near the railway at Tebong station, about 30 miles north of Gemas.

I hope this knowledge may be a little comfort to you both and perhaps you would like me to come & see you one day. But I am afraid I should not be able to manage it for a fortnight or so I am frightfully busy with regimental matters & business affairs at the moment.

Please let me know if it would please you and your wife to see me or if you feel it would make it harder for you

Yours very Sincerely

and signed H C Owtram Lt Col


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