Gospel According To Getsumin


Yea, it came to pass that in the time of Elizabeth Regina, there dwelt in the land of Britannica, Thomas who was named Atkins.

And when Thomas was not yet two score years, there came unto him a herald called geepeeoh, bringing tidings saying, ‘Arise, Thomas, for thou art required to do thy National Service

And Thomas and the people of his tribe were aggrieved sore.

And when Thomas had journeyed far into the wilderness, he came to the place called ‘Training camp’, where he was taken to the marketplace, kewemstores, where the vendor bestowed upon him, all manner of raiments, saying ‘This is thy kit, and thou art responsible therefor.

Thou hast signed thy name on thy elevenfiftyseven, and if thou losest one iota of thy kit, thy credits will be forfeit.

So Thomas took his kit, and made his mark thereto, and went with his guide to his sleeping place, where he fell into de~p slumber.

When Thomas had rested, and in the morning before sunrise, there came a great sounding of trumpets, and there entered into his sleeping chamber, the herald Dutyenseeoh, who spake with a loud voice, proclaiming, ‘Wakey wakey, rest thy feet upon thee deck’

Which in the tongue of Thomas meant, ‘Arise, for the morning is yet upon us’.

Truly, his National Service life has beganest.



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