Did you ever hear the sound of a bullet which missed.

Or a ricochet as it whines between the tree’s.

Have you ever felt so useless tasted the bitter bile of fear

As it rises in the gut from God knows where


Have you ever heard the rattle of a mortar on it’s way

And the crashing sound as it hits the roof above?

Have you heard the screams of men as they meet a horrid death,

Or smelled the stench of cordite mixed with urine guts and blood?


Have you ever reached a point in life, when nothing really matters

That death would be a welcome peaceful thing?

Have you ever looked in awe at the bloody useless body

Of a comrade or a friend as before your eyes his life’s blood ebbs away?


Did you ever pray to God, then find he wasn’t there

and in desperation cry out for mum or dad?

Have you ever fought a one sided useless fight

betrayed by those you thought that you could trust,

Then be taken prisoner by a bestial Japanese?


1 was! and 1 wish I never had.

Arthur Lane


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