Petrol bombs being hurled through the air

The banging of dustbin-lids also blare!

Scan the windows for snipers too,

Danger is upon us - and we are few...


People acting like animals crazed with rage,

They turn upon the soldiers in a rampage.

Seconds to decide if you live or die:

“Deploy your men thereby!”


Pulling the soldiers into a trap?

The sniper? The bomb? It could be a deathtrap!

Sanity? That’s now gone!

Draw and use the baton-gun...


Pursue the enemy - it’s him or you

Terrorists? We don’t know who is who.

Screams from women and children too.

Deadly threats and it’s all so true...


Protestants cheer - Catholics scream!

Tell me, “Was this all a dream?”

Scenes of destruction with blood and gore

Doppelgangers became the images of war!



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