Police station being sniped upon,

This is the time to cock’ the weapon.

Soldiers double to the scene,

Doing their duty for their Queen.

People killing each other for what?

Terrorists are reared from the cot.

 Soldiers moving from cover to cover,

 Dauntless in their hunt for the sniper.

 Peering down the soldier’s gun-sight,

Trained and ready for a gun fight.

Stood between soldier and sniper

Damn it! Hand in hand are Mother and Daughter.

Parent and child frozen to the spot,

Trooper yells, “Take cover before the next shot!”

Screams the woman with eyes rolling wild


Predicament. What has to be done?

The soldier breaks his cover at a run:

Scooping Mother and Daughter away from the open

Drags them to safety without a “Beg Your Pardon.”

Protestant? or Catholic? Soldier knows not!

The soldier knows that deed could have been his lot!

sniper has now gone, he was the bane

Daily this incident is etched on the soldier’s brain!



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