18th Division

      Janet - My Dad was definately with 53rd Bgd, 18th Div. I believe it was "D" batallion, does that make sense ?

      What would the 53rd have consisted off?

      Ron - My pop told me all these once, I might get them wrong.

      A Division (Div.) is made up of three or four Brigades and is commanded by a Major-General making a complete fighting unit of infantry and artillery.

      A Brigade (Bde.) is made up of three or four Battalions of infantry or artillery.

      A Battalion (Batt.) at full strength it usually has around 1,000 men and is made up of four Companies (Coy.)

      Your dad was in the 53rd Brigade - R.A.S.C. - ‘D’ Company ? Does anyone have any idea as the ‘D’, I thought it was company. but according to Nelson, this could be 18th Division - R.A.S.C. - 53rd Brigade Group Company

      The following is from The Story of Changi by David Nelson

      The complete ‘Battle Order’ as on the 8th December 1941 is now on the site at Malaya Command although the 18th Division were not in the battle at that date, they are included.

      The 18th Division is below:


18th Division


O.C. Major-General M.B. Beckworth-Smith




Employment Platoon

Postal Unit

Field Security Unit



Royal Artillery

88 Field Reg. R.A.

148 Field. Reg. R.A.

118 Field Reg. R.A.

85 Anti-Tank Reg. R.A.

135 Field R.A.

125 Anti-Tank Reg. R.A.


Royal Engineers

287 Field Coy. R.E.

560 Field Coy. R.E.

288 Field Coy. R.E.

251 Field Park Coy. R.E.




55 Bde. Group Coy

53 Bde. Group Coy

18 Div. Troops Coy.

54 Bde. Group Coy

16 Mobile Bath Unit



18 Div. Ordnance Workshops

18 Div. Field Park


Divisional Signals


Divisional Provost


53rd Inf. Bde.

54th Inf. Bde.

Brigadier C.L. Duke

Brigadier E.H.W. Backhouse



5/Royal Norfolk Rgt.

4/Royal Norfolk Rgt

6/Royal Norfolk Rgt.

4/Suffolk Rgt.

2/Cambridgeshire Rgt.

5/Suffolk Rgt.


55th Inf. Brigade

Brigadier T.H. Massey-Beresford


5/Beds & Herts Rgt.

1/5 Sherwood Foresters

1/Cambridgeshire Rgt.


Divisional Troops

9/Royal Northumberland Fusiliers

18 Div. Recce Corps (5/Loyals)



186 Field Ambulance

197 Field Ambulance

198 Field Ambulance




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