Arrivals and Deps at Changi

Arrivals and Departures at Changi

      Ron Taylor - Prisoners started arriving in Changi from other paces including Java, these stayed about ten days before being transported to the Thailand-Burma Railway. The Dutch from Java started arriving at Changi in October 1942 and wore a strong cloth of jungle green, with an enormous floppy, green straw hat.

      Java Lines, Singapore

      Charles Thrale

      “So called because all P.O.W.s in transit from Java to the Hell Railway in Siam were halted and concentrated here. Many Gunners passed through the Java Lines - many never returned. In the foreground can be seen an erection which was used as a theatre. Whilst painting this picture I was intrupted and distracted by the sight of a British Officer receiving a bashing, for no apparent reason, from a loathsome Korean guard. ?Bashing? is the right word - we were never merely ?beaten?. There was nothing I could do about it.”

      Another party of RAF personnel stayed for two days, they were told they were being transported to Portuguese East Africa for exchange with Japanese Technicians. They were not heard of again but thought to have ended up in Ambon making airstrips.

      David Nelson was second in command of the Singapore Royal Engineers (Volunteers) and was interned at Changi POW camp. He kept a diary recording the prisoners ordeals. This diary was used as a base for his book “The Story of Changi”, it covers the arrivals and departures of the prisoners. As Changi was used by the Japanese as the main departure camp for the prisoners this book is a great source of information.

      Hut at Changi


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