Barwick Tapes

      Christof - hi there, ive just acquired from the IWM several audiotapes narrated by the aforementioned mr HERBIE BARWICK, who was a FEPOW with my late father. i spoke to mr barwick only last year and he told me some tales of those days, mostly horrific but the occasional light hearted one too. the tapes are several hours in duration so i havent heard them all as yet but will listen out and write down names of soldiers mr barwick served with at that time, YOU NEVER KNOW IT MAY BE A RELATIVE YOURE RESEARCHING,LIKE IT WAS FOR ME. if anyone is interested JUST E-MAIL DETAILS/NAMES

      Oops ive forgot to mention that mr barwick and my late father were rnf's who alighted singapore from the Felix Roussel, in the tapes he mentions many men but i think the majority are from the north east area.

      Ron - I have just popped home to get the emails up to date as I am on holiday.
      Can you let me know if the tapes could be used on Crystal Radio on the Internet.
      There is nothing like hearing the stories from the fepows themselves.
      I might take time to answer as I am still on holiday.




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