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      Jonathan Moffatt -

      I'm pleased to inform you that the revised edition of the above book has just been published by Tempus Publishing UK and can be ordered from bookshops, Tempus or Amazon. The book is a detailed anecdotal history of the 2nd Argyll&Sutherland Highlanders and Plymouth Argyll Royal Marines in the Malayan campaign and in captivity. The revised edition contains additional characters, stories and photos.
      Details of the book can be found on the Burma Star Association website:
      and reviews read on:

New Book by Lynette Silver

      Stuart - Lynette Silver (oz author of Sandakan - A Conspiracy of Silence) is writing a book about the Fall of Singapore. Given she is not known for mincing her words (eh Keith!), this could be interesting. Due for publication in August. I wonder if the dust will fly?

      "In 1995, following lengthy research into the fall of Singapore, she was appointed Official Historian to the Australian 8th Division Association.
      Her most recent book, Sandakan - A Conspiracy of Silence, is an expose on the loss of 2,500 POWs, many of them 8th Division soldiers, in British North Borneo." from

The Tattered Remnants

      James Edwards - Please can you add to the books database the following book written by my grandfather Eric Burgoyne.

      Title: 'The Tattered Remnants'

      Author: Eric Burgoyne

      Publisher: The Book Guild Ltd.

      Date: June / July 2002

      Topic: The story of the five hundred men of the 'British Sumatra Battalion', covering their various escapes from Singapore, their formation, and their experiences on the 114km stretch of the 'railway of death' (Burma side); and, their fragmentation and dispersal to other areas of capivity until repatriation.



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