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Speedo Speedo

      Lorraine Roffey - My father William 'Bill' Spalding has written a book about his experiences in Thailand. It was published earlier this year with the title 'Speedo Speedo'.

      “These men were plunged into army life, whisked away to the other side of the world, captured and enslaved. Somehow, with sheer determination and support from each other, many survived. This is a true personal account, with amazing detail, of the whole experience.”

      The book was published privately by Majic Ink and is available through or by contacting me on 01342 716057.


Man Behind the Bridge (The): Colonel Toosey and the River Kwai

      Jen - “The Man Behind the Bridge: Colonel Toosey and the River Kwai” by Peter N. Davies is available from “Postscript” ( tel.020 8767 7421) priced at 9.99 + p&p 1.80 order code 22506. It has a RRP of 45 else where.

      It is an exceptionally good and informative read regarding Colonel Toosey . It also offers a history of the 135 field regiment 18th Division he was in charge of and their where abouts until the completion of the Kwai-yai bridge. I would recommend it to any one who would like to know about this man and the 135 field regiment.


Where Fate Leads

      Paul -

      I would like to contact Harry Howarth author of the excellent "Where Fate Leads", if at all possible. Can anyone out there help please.

      Keith - >Paul, You could give the Regimental Museum a try,
      Tel 01665 602152
      Curator - Capt.(retd) P.H.D. Marr.


Life and Death in Changi

      The following book should be added to your impressive bibliography. It is a transcript of a diary kept by Thomas Kitching, British surveyor in Malaya. Although he was not technically a POW as he was a civilian internee, the diary is a chilling account of daily life in Changi. The details follow in this copy of an email from my cousin Neil Kitching:

      Life and Death in Changi: The Diary of Thomas Kitching who died in Japanese Hands in Singapore in 1944

      My father published my grandfather's diary in 1998 and has recently reprinted. It is a detailed and very interesting account of the fall of Singapore and the life of the civilians up to April 1944 when he died. The book contains a useful index of all the people mentioned in it.

      Copies are available from Brian Kitching, 20 Beechgrove Drive, Perth, PH1 1JA, United Kingdom for 9.90 plus 2 post and packing. The 2 covers p&p within the UK or by seamail (eg 3 months to Australia). Better to add 5 for overseas and the book can be sent by airmail. If people request a book from abroad they should request a sterling bankers draft from their bank.

      Nora Hague
      Thomas Kitching's granddaughter

      Nora Hague, Senior Cataloguer
      Notman Photographic Archives
      McCord Museum of Canadian History
      690 Sherbrooke Street West
      Montreal, QC, H3A 1E9
      Tel: (514) 398-7100 x 285
      Fax: (514) 398-5045
      Web site:


Book Search

      AmandaJohnson - Does anyone know of a spare copy of "Spice Island Slaves" by Leslie Audus?
      Also looking for the following about the 'Spice Islands'...?
      "Japanese Bondage" by G Whiting
      "Four Lost Years" by V Ciarrachi

      Collen - Maybe able to help with this book, bear with me and I will get back to you in the next couple of days. New copy even!!



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