Camp Hospitals

Camp Hospitals

      Amanda & Colin - Can anyone tell me in which camp/hospital these records were related to. They are under the numbers WO347/8 and WO347/5 at the public records office.

      Keith - This is Keith, we met at Duxford lat year. There were a number of Hospital camps along the Railway, could you narrow it down to the area, or work group, or camp that you are interested in. My dad was in 3, all in Thailand, or Siam, these being attached to the POW camps at Tarsoe, Tha Markan, and Chungkai. My dad was with work group 4, or camp 4. There were others in Burma, and further up the railway in Siam, so I will attempt to compile a list.

      Amanda & Colin - According to the pow card he was to sent to no 4 camp on 28 sept 1942 which i think was u group under a Mcfarland if i remember rightly. On his service record it says he was released from camp 6 where ever that is as this on the 30 aug 1945 that was all that was his history unfortunatley so any help would be appreciated as we still don't really know where he was on the railway.

      Keith - Hospital camps along the Burma - Siam Railway appear to come in three forms, or that is as far as I can tell:

      Base Hospitals, normally situated with the H.Q of the particular work group, but as work moved up and down the railway, these changed.

      Camp Hospitals, normally just a hut.

      Coolie Camp Hospitals, you do not want to know, as far as the Japs were concerned, these were even more expendable than the POWs. The hospitals were set up, and staffed by the POWs.

      If I may, I am now going to quote information from three sources:
      Kinvig - River Kwai Railway
      Ban Pong - Hospital hut.
      KM 051 Kanchanaburi
      KM 055 Tamarkan *
      KM 057 Chungkai *
      KM 130 Tarsoe*
      KM 282 Lower Nikhe
      KM 362 Tambaya
      KM 415 Thanbyuzayat

      Coolie Hospitals (as written in the book)
      Chumphon, on the Isthmus of Kra

      Dr. Hardie:
      KM 039 Tamuang
      KM 069 Wang Lan
      KM 218 Takanum

      Lt. Col. Dunlop:
      KM 039 Tamuang
      KM 139 Tonchin (Tonchan)
      KM 147 Tampis (Tampi)
      KM 168 Kinsayok
      Nakom Patom

      I hope this helps, those marked * are the hospital camps my father was in. I may have something that may help you in your quest, I will mail you direct.
      This list is by no means the be all and end all, if anyone has any details to add, please do so.


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