Capt. Pitt

      Janet - Just a thought and I bet the answer's NO but there we are !

      Does anyone have any information on the fate of Capt Pitt, Aussie medic up the railway and later in Burma ?

      Do we know if he survived ?, I greatly expect that this is so, as he was still alive in March 45.
      Does anyone have any info ?

      I know Col Lilly was decorated and so was the Thai trader " Bo Pong " who was actually a Capt of the Free Siamese Army ( he recieved the George Medal for his services in supplying food on IOU's to the POW's - by all accounts he redeemed them scrouplessly, without trying to milk the system) . My Dad spoke of the " Young Siamese trader" who brought duck eggs and tinned fish up in a barge ( I imagine he brought other stuff but the old man bought tinned fish and eggs, boiled all the eggs in one go and then meticulously ate one a day for however many days it was.) And he also knew this was the bloke to told Col Lilly ( I think ) that germany had capitulated, he said that lifted their spirits no end, but knew very little else about him.

      Keith - >Janet, Looking at Hardies book, Captain Charles Sidney Pitt was Royal Army Medical Corps, which I feel means he was a Brit. I can but assume he survived, he was alive in April 1945. There is no entry for him on the CWGC site. Could try the Regimental Museum, I will dig out the address.

      Janet - >Keith that is amazing, I always thought he was an Aussie, I expect I am confused ( well definately we all know I'm confused don't we ! ) with someone else who was up there with them, perhaps another officer.

      Thanks for that.

      Mike - The curator of the new combined Army Medical Services Museum is Pete Starling.

      His work e-mail is:



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