Maurice - Just let your imagination go.

      Last night went shopping with the boss and noticed one of the Lads from the
      Lyme Vale branch of FEPOW was collecting at the door will all his gongs
      resplendent. I asked him what he thought of Churchill, he whispered "Not a
      lot, is he dead yet"

      Peggy - >Maurice

      What means trossack, or should I just let my imagination be my guide?

      Maxine - Just thought I'd say hello to everyone and let you all know that although I don't have much to say to the group (as my knowledge is rather small and I'm still learning) I have really enjoyed and found the discussions informative and interesting. Hello Arthur my father was in Singapore when it fell (Ken Collier RAF) I have found your information very enlightening. My father didn't say much about being a pow but he always said that the history books lied about the fall of Singapore and that he hated Winston Churchill. It must have been so totally frustrating to hear everyone going on about how great he was.

      Arthur - >Maxine, Concerning his thoughts about Churchill, I would imagine seventy five percent of all those who were prisoners at the fall of Singapore were of the same mind I was once reprimanded on television in the early days for expressing an opinion that if the dead turned in their grave when anyone spoke of their misdeeds. then Churchill must be spinning like a windmill every minute of every day of the year.
      I only wish that I could have been a fly on the wall when Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill met aboard Prince of Wales in mid Atlantic in August 1941.



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