Fepow Group News 02_2003

      Ron - Forwarded this on, if you can help, email Lt. Col. (Dr)Nachiappan direct nashum@pd.jaring.my

      Dear Sir/Madam,
      I am Lt. Col.(Dr) Nachiappan of the Malaysian Armed Forces Medical Corps.
      I am the orthopaedic surgeon at Terendak Hospital located in Terendak Camp, Malacca and I am trying to source some history about Terendak Hospital as we are trying to setup a museum about the hospital. Do you or any of your friends have any information or pictures of Terendak Hospital?
      Any assistance you may be able to provide will be appreciated.
      Thanking you in advance.


      Lt. Col. (Dr)Nachiappan.

      E-mail: nashum@pd.jaring.my




      Janet - >Lillian or anyone ,

      Can you please translate for me,

      Thank you,

      Beste John
      Ik heb adres van een bericht dat ik van Lilian Sluijters ontving gepikt. In mijn bak bij de marine zat een Jacobs. Is er mogelijk een relatie?

      Adriaan Kannegieter, Spijkenisse, KM 1939-1949. Ex japans krijgsgevangene Burmaspoorlijn
      Uitgaande berichten zijn gescand door Norton Virus scanner

      Tony - Janet,

      It is twenty years since I lived in Holland, but (roughly speaking) Mr.
      Kannegieter is an ex POW from the Burma railway. He has seen a picture in which a Mr Jacobs is sitting behind him, and he wishes to know if there is a possibility that he was a relative of yours.

      Lilian - >Janet, Here is the translation, Janet:

      Dear John,

      I got this address from a message dat I received from Lilian Sluijter.
      In my batt. with the Royal Navy
      was a Jacobs. Is there any relation ?

      Adriaan Kannegieter, Spijkenisse, KM 1939-1949. Ex Japanese POW Burma

      (see his story in the feature by Lilian Sluijter on FEPOW website)





      Ron - The object of starting the Fepow Group was to share information on the Fepow Story and I do believe the Group has lived up to its expectations, if anything it has surpassed this.

      It is usually a friendly group who are very willing to share their knowledge and dare I say it, have a chat.
      Small talk is no problem with myself as I do tend to use it, living here in Norfolk, in the sticks, we don't see many people, small talk is part of our way of life, "grab the opportunity whilst the goin's good bor", that's our moto. As a group though we do however, have to moderate this.

      I do not believe in somebody dictating, as big brother, in what goes out to the group members. I want it to be your group, but it has been apparent for some time that, unfortunately, someone has to make decisions as well as manage the group.


      1: If a member of the group is not happy with a situation DO NOT email the group, please email me direct and I will sort it out - Ron.Taylor@rjt.co.uk

      2: Nobody likes to be put down, so please keep the emails helpful, without upsetting.
      As a group we all have to remember, others are reading our contribution to the group and some comments can hurt.

      3: If we require a long conversation with one or two members outside the Fepow Story, please email the person direct. The rule of thumb is: read the email before sending it, if there is no information relating to the Far East concerning WWII, send the email direct to the person or persons concerned.

      I will try to keep a close watch on the group, hopefully, without being seen to do so as I am a believer in "The best referee is the one nobody sees on the pitch".
      A quiet word is always the best way but if the problem persists, further action will have to be taken.

      I do not like, or require, the job of moderator, but I will do it for now. I refuse however, to go through each email before sending it, the sender must be held responsable for its content, we are adults. If anybody does not agree with the above, please email myself or feel free to leave the group.

      Unfortunatley my first action has been to remove a name from the group list. This person has been asked before not to offend others and has done so again. The group is more important then one person, being helpful and sharing information, in a friendly manner, is the way forward.

      If I have missed anything that would be helpful to the running of this group, please email me direct.





      Ron - The full Chungkai cookery lesson can be viewed at:
      Any other recipes send to me and I'll add them to the page.

      My father was in the Japanese bakery at Non Pladuk for a while, his cookery lesson is at:

      on how to make manjou cakes, for obvious reasons I will leave it to those who require the recipe to read the page.

      Arthur has sent in some more articles, poems and stories.
      His book "Where Are All The Madmen" is on in full at:

      Janet and I are still going through it, but feel free to take a look.
      It is a very good read.

      Your pushing it with the '38' and the gun laws, Arthur, but had to smile non the less. If you would like to contact the Houston Group try - Val at Ca30ng@aol.com

      Anne - Frankly I think you were perfectly tight to want to know a rercipe from those days and what I gave you was the info that the beans can easily be bought. In fact they are called Mung Beans and can be bought in Tesco and Sainsbury. Which should make it easy !

      As you said, why should a FEPOW get bored, there is always something to learn.



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