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      Ron - The Fepow List has proved to be a great way to share information with others over the last few years, It is with regret that due to certain circumstances it has now been discontinued.
      The Fepow Message Board will continue in its present format with the object of helping those researching.

      Please share information on the Message Board and treat it like an open forum.
      The Monthly Revue now has a feedback form added to every page, this will provide ease of use and help research.
      Every piece of the jigsaw helps others understand why, how, and where our loved ones spent their time as Japanese POW's.

      Keith - Hello one and all who read this message.
      Over the past 2 plus years I have been researching my father's military past, During that time I have exchanged messages and information with many people, some on this message board, most on the FEPOW List, and many on a direct basis, because at some time there are things uncovered that people feel more comfortable with a direct contact. I have always been happy to exchange information, or do a little research, and I hope made friends along the way.
      From a personal point of view this is a very sad day, but I know that to protect us all, Ron has no alternative but to shut the FEPOW List down.
      I trust whoever was responsible will feel happy about this, and the fact a valuable communication tool has now been lost to those seeking information on their next of kin and loved ones who fought in the Far East in the fatefull years of 1941/42, and went on to suffer at the hands of the Japanese in more ways than we can even imagine.
      But onwards and upwards, Ron has suggested we use the message board, so do so. I will now check this every day, and if I can help, I will.
      Those that know me will be aware of the charity to which I belong, and the fact it's aims are the same as Ron Taylor's, remembrance of the FEPOWS and the telling of their stories. However, at this time I feel so upset for Ron, who developed the FEPOW List, had it working so well, to see this happen.
      Thank you Ron, for your work towards getting people talking, and the information flowing. Long may it continue. We are all working to the same end, Remembrance and information.

      David Langton - I would just like to endorse everything that Keith has said, I too have "met" a great many friends through this medium.
      I have written directly to Ron on a couple of occaisions, but am not privvy to exactly what happened.
      Everyone on this list must have at some time had a virus, I certainly have, their effects can sometimes be catastrophic, I talk from my PC's point of view, I can only imagine what they can do to a "server system".
      Commisserations Ron, as Keith says - Onwards And Upwards!
      Come Back Soon!

      Ron - I am testing a new List at the moment but it is a closed list for now. It will not be opened up till September. Please add your name to the list now as the database of members was lost.

      Everyone in my address book that are Fepow related, have been added, if you have received an email about the list please Do Not add your name again.

      It was a hacker and not a virus which did the damage. Silly people with nothing more important then spoiling it for others and for such a worthwhile cause.

      Ironically, our fathers fought for these idiots, so they could talk and express themselves freely.




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Sharing information with others is rewarding in itself, the pieces from the jigsaw start to fit together and a picture begins to appear. Improve your knowledge and help make the Fepow Story an everlasting memorial to their memory.


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