Houston Family

      Ron -
      I have enclosed the latest from the Houston Family Group as below, but first
      a little background.

      In Night Action, Sunda Strait, Feb 28, 1942. USS Houston steamed to her
      death in a desperate attack with HMAS Perth against an entire Japanese
      Battle Fleet. It was over by 12:40 AM March 1.
      The full story can be viewed at the USS Houston site:

      Arthur - To all USS Houston Family.

      Do any remember Harold Justice lived in Nigh Kentucky. was sent as a POW to Chungkai in the first place and then on to Nicki, and from there to Indo China. I know he survived. We met a couple of times. If still around has he still got my 38 and can I have it back.

      Peggy - I hope you get the 38 back. The Houston website is worth a visit. They've been helpful and quick answering some of my questions.




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