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      Dutch Civilian POW camps in Indonesia

      Posted 1-1-2003 19:29

      My mother is in her 72nd year. She was an adolescent when the Japanese entered Indonesia and she, her twin sister, her mother, and young brother became prisoners of war for the next 3 1/2 years. One of the camps where she was located was Aek Paminke (i think this is the correct spelling). Her father, who's dutch merchant ship was attacked in the harbour and sunk, was taken to a separate camp and died there just before the liberation by the British. Although my brother and sister and I have grown up with her stories it has always been in bits and pieces, and we having been raised in Canada, have no familiarity with the geopgraphy of Indonesia let alone the camps where she was during the war. Does anyone have any information to share, have relatives who were also in that and other civilian camps? On behalf of my mother I want to thank anyone who cares to reply.





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