Middlesex Regt.

      Trevor Williams - >Ron,

      I was talking to a friends uncle last night, his name is Bert Mellor (aged 88 ) who was captured by the Japanese in Hong Kong.

      He was recounting his experience of returning home on the USS Goodhue. I've printed your own reminisces from the internet for him, which I'm sure he will find interesting.

      He was in the British Army, Middlesex Regiment.

      I've been trying to find a picture of the USS Goodhue for him, without success, any idea's?

      He was in Yokohama No 2 (the baseball ground) and Kamaishi Sendi Japanese prisons.

      Bert is very sharp for his age, slightly blind and good company.

      Born in Hulme, Manchester, England, ran away from home at the age of 16. Joined the army, served 20 + years and now lives in Enfield, London.

      Trevor - >Ron,

      I've had another chat to Bert Mellor.

      He was taken to Manila (tented accommadation) from Japan on the USS Goodhue and from there on the HMS Implacable to Hawaii and then to Vancouver. It was on the Implacable that he was put in the Slammer!

      In Vancouver, three of them ( Paddy Cullen, {Nic named the Major} & Wilkinson) avoided the forces train and got on an "ordinary" train to Montreal travelling through Banff, Jasper, Edmonton (where they got off to listen to the Canadian bands), Saskatuan, Winnipeg ( not necessary in that order).

      They eat & drank well throughout the long journey with knife and forks, seeing the troop train and the troops with their mess tins! All the grub was free on the train.

      At Montreal the three on them kept together and went in a bar and met a couple on men, one called Tattersall (from England) who fed and gave them drinks and asked them to sing "old" songs. He took them for a last drink to his office, St. Johns Textile Association.

      They then went to a transit camp at De Burrt, arriving in the early hours but still got a full meal at that time from the Canadians.

      Then on to Halifax to board the Elle De France to Southampton (they were not confined to below decks).

      From Southampton they went to a transit camp at Amersham and then HOME.

      Trust this is of interest.



      P.S. I been on the Fepow web site, great.

      Ron - >Trevor, How about this, as taken from, http://www.alan.robertson.ukgateway.net/stuart_robertson.htm:

      8th September 1945 - Okinawa.
      10th September 1945 - B24 for Manila.
      25th September 1945 - Manila. H.M.S. “Implacable”.

      5th October 1945 - Pearl Harbour, Oahu.
      11th October 1945 - Vancouver, Canada.
      16th October 1945 - Debert, Canada.
      25th October 1945 - “Ile de France”.
      31st October 1945 - Southampton, U.K

      Ile de France

      I should think Bert’s journey was the same as above

      Hope this helps




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