Ron - Carolyn sent me the enclosed email and has given me permission to send to the list and put on the Internet.

      Mr Symon, my grandfather served with the d company 4th royal norfolk regiment and i am trying to find out as much information about him as i can as i know very little.He died at Onahama pow camp and is now in yokohama war cemetery.his name is Timothy Harris private 3959376.Ifyou could give me any information about him or how i could start to find out information i would be truely gratefull.I dont even have a photoof him and the picture of the regiment doesnt have the names under it.Many thanks any thing at all would be much appreciated yours sincerley carolyn winchcombe


      My reply to this is as below:

      Hi Carolyn

      Unfortunately Jack is not on email, I print these off and drop them round his house.

      I think I can help you a bit on your grandfather. A couple of years ago I was lent a diary from Cpl Ashington, he was one of my dads mates, but had just died. This diary was on the 4th Norfolks, 'D' Company, it can be found at:
      He was also at Onahama and records your grandfathers death.

      Jack tried to remember the names and gave me quite a few but your grandfathers name isn't amongst them. I will ask him again but don't like to push him as he gets upset.

      Can I put this email on the Fepow Community (www.fepow-community.org.uk) please.

      As this might generate some feedback, there is also a Fepow List and Message Board.

      All my best
      Ron Taylor

      Further from Carolyn:

      Hi Ron, thank you for emailing back to me so soon. Of course i dont mind you putting my last email on the fepow community site. I appreciate anything that you could do to help only sorry that i cannot help anyone else as i know so little myself. Looked at the diary of cpl Ashington and saw the photograph of the 4th royal Norfolks. Its quite frustrating seeing it and knowing my gransfather is on there but i dont know which one he is. My mother has very little information to tell as well and only has one photograph of him when he was much younger. It is sad because he knew of her excistence but never actually saw her. Thanks once again for all your help ido appreciate it so much bye carolyn


      Can anyone help further

      Carolyn's email address is - carolynchelsea@ntlworld.co.uk



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