Prince of Wales

      Ron - Somebody asked about the Prince of Wales survivors, the Royal Marines were amalgamated with the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders to become the 'Plymouth Argylls'.
      There is a good page at:

      Tom - >Ron, I saw mention of Prince of Wales survivors being amalgamated with Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders and thought I would let you know that Royal Marine Bob Brown was with us in the 135 Regt. RA.I would welcome contact with him if possible. He was a survivor from the Prince of Wales and gave us some interesting talks of their exploits when chasing the German Battleships. I wish to thank you and all others for the research and information and especially the pictures of the convoy. I was in the 135 Field Regt. RA.and travelled from Gourock to Halifax NS.on Sobieski, then to Singapore on Mount Vernon.Thanks for giving me the dates etc.and filling in gaps in my memory.

      Andy Wade - Hello everyone,
      I'm the webmaster for the Force Z Survivors Association website, and I'm trying to assemble a list of survivors for the website, I'm having some luck with it, but I still keep getting emails from people who tell me about a relative who isn't on the list. The problem being that Casualty lists were more usual than survivors lists, the survivors were simply reassigned to other posts.
      Does anyone reading this have any information about any of the survivors?
      I'd appreciate absolutely anything that could be supplied, be it names, email addresses, news clippings, official documents and stories. I'll run biography pages for men for whom I have more information than just a name. It is of course extremely important that this information is not lost, and one of the aims of our website is to preserve the memory of the men and ships so that people can read and learn about them, much as the FEPOW site does.
      Our website is here:






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