Rabaul Visit

      Colin Docketty - Just to put this up for all to see! - This whole thing has finally got to me !

      I am going to Rabaul in East New Britain on 4th June (its 60 years this year in case nobody noticed). As my dad was one of the 600 gunners to Rabaul, I am going to make a pilgrimage (also to take my mother who is 81) I will be staying at the Kalua Lodge Beach Resort in Tallili Bay near Rabual where the POWs left the mainland for Watom Island.

      If any other vet's kids are interested, I think it still may be possible to go. It will take us 3 days to get there including a stop of 10 hours in Singapore and 24 hours in Cairns (Australia). We will be stopping in New Britain for 10 days, visiting Kokopo, the Death Valley Camp and Watom Island (on more than one day I suppose) and of course the cemetery at Rabaul. There is even the odd local, who remembers the British POWs there.

      The whole flight is costing 1230 return mainly due to the high fares of Air Niugini (who you have to use, as nobody else goes there !)

      Any takers, I've booked ! so, see ya there !

      Ron - I can see your chuffed.
      Could you possibly take send some pictures in for the site and maybe a brief article on your visit. It would help others enormously.

      Keith - Nearly 50 are we, I am over that hill, but no worries, I can wait for you on the other side, I'm not that far down the hill.
      Seeing as your so young, your dear mother must have wanted to go along to make sure her infant did not go astray.
      I hope you realise that I am pulling your leg, may I wish you a safe trip, and a smooth one. May your trip be everything you want it to be, as having read "What Price Bushido", I can understand what this means.
      I intend to return to Singapore, and then visit Thailand for the first time, to try to retrace my father's steps. My father suffered too when he came home, but this is not the message, or the time.




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