Bill (Paddy) Nicol - 26/9/1915 - 20/8/2002 - Royal Scots

      Tom Nicol - It is with the deepest sadness and utmost respect that I notify the FEPOW community of the passing of my father, Bill Nicol of the Royal Scots.

      What he suffered for his country and comrades in the 1940s may never be known, but that he survived 60 years after his internment is a testament to the spirit of the Royal Scots and his own courage.

      I believe he was among the last survivors from his regiment, but to anyone who knew him, please pass on our enormous appreciation for the sacrifice made on behalf of 'present day' Britain: those of us who understand will be eternally grateful.

      From time to time, in memory of my dad, I try to imagine being just 24 years old and fighting a war against a brutal and barbarous foe. I quickly conclude that I'm not the man he was, and I thank him - and all of his comrades - from the bottom of my heart.

      If you can, at midday today, or on his birthday September 26th, please observe a minute's silence to thank my dad - and all of his fellow Royal Scots - for his service to his country. It was more than any of us should expect.


Earl J. Snyder survivor of the U.S.S. Houston

      I wanted to write to let you know Earl J. Snyder survivor of the U.S.S. Houston from Millbury, Ohio passed away this afternoon August 30, 2002. He died from complications of emphysema. He had been in the hospital for about 2 weeks, all the while putting up a good fight to get better so he could go home an be with his wife (Erma).
      We wanted to let you know the times he spent at your reunions and talking with family an friends were cherished, and he thought of all of you often.

      Thank You
      The Family of Earl (Joe) Snyder
      419 836-8118




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