Sad News

John Geoffrey Lee

      Eddie - It is with great sadness that I Inform you that my Father in Law John Geoffrey Lee Passed away peacefully on 22/06/02, after being ill for some six months.
      As some of you may know Geoff was passionate in his duties regarding the welfare of his former fellow F.E.P.O.W s and for over 20 years until the early 1990's he always appeared to be either Welfare Officer, Treasurer or Secretary of the Nottingham F.E.P.O.W association.
      He was also passionate in his desires to have the Railway built In Sumatra by POWs recorded in History (see my mails in Sumatra Railway)
      Ron Please add a Link??
      Funeral Arrangements are not yet finalised but if any one especially from the midlands area wishes to know or attend or reply to this please email me direct so as not to clog up the list.
      more later when I can see again.

      David - Eddie, my condolences to you and yours.

      I met your father in law on a couple of occasions, when he visited my father at our home in Bottesford.

      He is a sad loss!

      Commiseration's David

      Ron - Eddie, please except our condolences from all on the Fepow list and readers of the Fepow Community.

      Be assured your father in laws memory will not be forgotten with two very good sites on the Sumatra Railway which the Fepow Community links to:- Pakan Baroe Railway and Life and Death on the Death Railway Through the Jungle of Sumatra

      Our thoughts and prayers are with you and to all John's family at this very sad time.

      God bless




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