Singapore Convoy BM12

Singapore Convoy BM12

      Keith Andrews - An appeal for help. A fellow searcher has had his pc crash and has lost information. I need to know the following to pass onto him, and I know and remember a kind soul on the net responding to his question. This was:
      "Name of the troopship from Bombay and the date I landed from in Singapore, same convoy as Empress of Asia which was sunk next to us in harbour"
      If anyone can remember responding to that message, could you send a copy of your reply, and I will pass it on.

      Stuart - from ~

      BM-12 carried drafts for the 9th and 11th Divisions ( 3800 men ) and stores for the 18th Division to Singapore. The convoy departed Bombay on January 23 and arrived in Singapore on the 5th of the following month.
      It was also the first to lose a ship: the trooptransport Empress of Asia was hit by bombs from divebombers and had to be abandoned. Most troops aboard were picked up by escorting vessels ( HMAS Yarra especially distinguished herself ), but most of the equipment was unfortunately lost.

      Empress of Asia British, 16.909 tons 2235 troops and stores
      Félix Roussèl French, 17.084 tons 157 troops and stores
      Plancius Dutch, 5.955 tons 987 troops and stores
      Devonshire British, 11.275 tons 1673 troops and stores
      City of Canterbury British, 8.331 tons 1053 troops

      CA HMS Exeter Joined February 2, detached north of Banka
      CL HMS Danae Joined January 31, detached north of Banka
      CL HMS Emerald Between January 27 and 31
      CL Java ( RNN ) Between January 31 and February 4, detached because of
      fuel shortage.
      DD HMS Encounter Joined ??, detached north of Banka
      DD HMAS Vampire Joined February 2
      PB HMAS Yarra Joined February 1
      PB HMIS Sutlej Joined February 1
      PB HMS Falmouth Between January 26 and 27
      AM HMAS Bendigo Joined north of Banka Strait
      AM HMAS Woolongong Joined north of Banka Strait


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