Singapore War Crimes Trial

      Robin - I posted a message about this on the list over a year ago, but a lot of people have joined since then. So here goes again....

      I am currently writing a book about the Singapore War Crimes trials in 1946, concentrating on the F Force trial.

      I now have tentative plans to be in the UK during the last two weeks of May, part of the time in London, part of the time in Hampshire (and elsewhere if I can meet good sources.) I did my first round of research at the PRO and IWM two years ago, and just got back from Singapore and Australia.

      If you have any information on the following, please contact me off list....

      1) Any who has relatives who took part in any of the Singapore
      Trials or any other post WWII military tribunal.
      2)Anyone who themselves or their fathers were part of F Force.
      3) Anyone with idea on how I can trace the British lawyers who part of the trials, both prosecution and defence counsel, (who, of course were not FEPOWS)




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