Squadron 211

      Don Clark - Ron, I was just doing a search on Kalidjati for no reason at all, and FEPOW came into the field of view once more. I see the Researching PoWs page has a story on Kewish and Bott in relation to 84 Sqdn, with three contributors to the story, & with links to a couple of survivors.

      Not directly relevant to Kewish but relevant to Bott, in my latest 211 Sqdn update, I've been able to make considerable progress with 211 operations and losses in Sumatra and Java. The tale is still far from complete, and there is still material to work up, which I hope to complete by early August.

      The three relevant pages are:
      The Far East
      Sumatra and Java
      RAAF personnel
      this last section is my current focus.

      Another good source for this period other than Shores is Bon Hall's Glory in Chaos. My own work is largely founded in primary sources.

      I thought I should let you know, as my recent material may be of interest to the Kewish/Bott correspondents. For example, there were very many RAAF men in 211 Sqdn (and in 84 Sqdn too). No RAAF unit in the FE operated Blenheims at this date.

      Dave - Thanks for the continuing info on FEPOW.
      Concerning Dons latest message. In fact there were two Bott in the area.

      Allan Theodore Bott, 400823 RAAF, Sgt, 211 Squadron, died 06/02/42, Sumatra, and, James Edwin Warwick Bott, 84718, RAF, Flying Officer, 84 Squadron, died 05/03/1942, possibly in an ambush, with Douglas Kewish, in a lorry, with others, on the road from Kiladjati to Soebang, Java. The strange thing is that Douglas's date of death is the 1st March.

      Don Clark - >Ron, Astonishing! And immensely helpful....thank you, and please thank Dave for me.

      Having used AWM and NAA sources it never occurred to me to check further on the War Graves Commission, but there they both are and from opposite ends of the earth, dear boys.

      I must have missed this connection along the way - such slips, once they strike root, can become hard to eradicate, so I'm very grateful that it was noticed (apart from the fact that it's quite a remarkable thing).

      Could they have been related, d'you know Ron? The family name is not very common.

      I'll make sure to give this part of the story it's proper place next update.

      Eddie - To all who are contributing to the subject, I obviously have the same info as most people and I know that some have info that I have sent them though this was poss known already especially re Kewish and Bott, what I don't have is the possible "Ambush", I know they were on route to Soebang and were never seen again so is the Ambush theory conjecture or is there an element of fact there somewhere?

      Trouble is, most of the info I have is from Geoff Lee's research and he is to ill at present to ask, so I do not Know where he got his info.

      It may well be that he has just typed up references from books but if so I do not know which books, could someone enlighten me? I also have a page relating to comments made later regarding the whole shebang by Sgt Crowe and F/Sgt Cummings does anyone know where this info may have come from?

      Regarding the different dates of death of Kewish and Bott given in the memorial registers I have found many similar discrepancies throughout, some by a few days some months and even years It was poss all down to peoples memories at the time and ad-hoc records I don't think anyone should read too much into this aspect, Sad and confusing though it is to the bereaved and researchers. I also see that the date of death of F/Sgt McBride who was one of the Bott, Kewish Party is also given as 01/03/42

       Don Clark - >Eddie, In Bloody Shambles (Shores, 1993) Vol II page 300-301, which directly quotes the accounts of Tayler, Holland and Wyllie of the 1 Mar attack on Kalidjati airfield. Shores' text then implies that Kewish and Bott were lost during these skirmishes on and around the airfield.

      These men were all 84 Sqn.

      Michael Jewkes - I've been tryin to find out what bomber squadrons were out in the singapore area in 1941 as one of my uncles was a gunner on one of them and was shot sown and captured his name was ivan Parkes all i no is that he was involved in the burma siam railway and the bataan march i no very little else about his experiences. if anyone can help me the information would be most valuble.

      Mark Haselden - >Michael, I suggest you contact the Air Historical Branch at RAF Bentley Priory. They might have a personnel record card for your uncle which ought to provide details of his unit, and an outline of the circumstances surrounding his capture. I may be able to provide some practical assistance in this regard. Please contact me off-forum if you wish to discuss further.

      Ron - >Michael, Try this web site:

      Squadron 211
      It is written by Don Clark and he is always ready to help.

      Michael Jewkes - >Mark, thanx for the info i will contact bently priory and will also bear in mind ur offer to discuss the matter further. again thanx for the info




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