Teia Maru

      royhamilton - Aramis -Teiu Maru

      Singapore to Japan per Aramis ( Teia MARU)

      I was part of the cargo on this voyage ,that left Singapore on 5th June 1944 arrived Moojee on 15th June 1944 .
      There, 150 of us Australians were allocated to Mitsui ,to work in their coal mines at Camp17 Omuta.
      I have often wondered what areas ,did the rest of this shipment of pows go to?
      1.Is there anyone "out there" who was on this passage ,or knows of anyone ?
      2.What Camps did they go to ?
      3.What type of work were they engaged on ?
      4. Do they know if this shipment of pows had a name -Group ? Battalion /,given by our leaders ?

      This is not a survey ,but to satisfy my curiosity .





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