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And To Think I Volunteered by Harry Thorpe

      Alan and Richard - dick.thorpe@btinternet.com

      Having pestered Dad for many years to put down on paper his experiences of his war years, he at last succumbed. I might add he was always reluctant, as he said he wanted to forget.
      Dad also had an active and happy youth, which we found quite fascinating and even up to his death, he was a fitness fanatic.
      On the day he died, which incidentally was 'Friday the Thirteenth' (a most significant date in his life as you will see later in the book), he'd been out shopping with mum and in the evening, Richard called for him to go to the local pub for a game of pool, which he loved to play. Unfortunately, at the end of the evening he suddenly fell ill with a terrible pain in his stomach. Richard managed to get him home but dad felt worse so Richard called an ambulance. Dad passed away on the operating table with a ruptured abdominal aneurysm. A quick way to go, but a helluva shock to mum and the family.
      The book is in dad's own words. He had a wonderful memory and the detail he recalled never failed to amaze us, I hope you enjoy the content.

      Mike Savin - mike@savin11.freeserve.co.uk

      I was interested in the article written by the late harry thorpe i am currently researching my uncles time as apow in thailand he served in the 18th division with the 4th suffolks. he was from west bromwich and i note harry thorpe mentions stourbridge her ein the west midlands. when i have the first draughts preparded I will forward same.

      Ron - >Mike

      I was a bit quick off the mark in sending the email.
      Any information that will help is very welcome.
      Look forward to reading them.


Alf King By Sue Cahill

      Ron - Thanks to Sue for sending Alf’s story in and all the help she has given to get more detail. Alf was aboard the HMS Exeter when she was sunk. As pow, he was sent to Makassar in the Celebes and then on to Japan.

      This site is in remembrance of Alf who died in 1985.


AMF Prisoners of War and Missing in the Far East and South West Pacific Islands Database

      Don Clark - >Ron, The Australian War Memorial site has recently put up a new database that any Australian members may find helpful:

      AMF Prisoners of War and Missing in the Far East and South West Pacific Islands Database

      Best wishes for the new year

      Don Clark

      PO Box 96
      Latham ACT 2615 Australia
      Website: 211 Squadron RAF


Massacres and Attrocities of WWII



The Second World War and the islands of New Guinea

      Cynthia - This is a Web site that has been put together by Jenny Evans and she is only too happy to hear from any one who has a story to tell about their Relativies.



Arthur Lane

      Ron - A different, eerie, story from Arthur this time, added to his pages at:
      Look in the articles for 'The Ouija Board'

      Arthur has been sending in alot of information and I believe we would all like to thank him and there is lots more to come, including the complete text from one of his books on the battle for Malaya.

      Lilian has sent me in an article on the Thailand - Burma Railway from the Dutch viewpoint, again different. I will get this on soon.

      I have also added some more to the Reverend John Wanless story at:
      The piece added is on Jesselton, before he was sent to his death at Sandakan.

      I am going through three books for this:
      Don Wall's 'Kill the Prisoners'
      Lynette Silver's 'Sandakan - A Conspiracy of Silence'
      Walter Wallace's 'Escape from Hell'

      The Sandakan page is based on 'Laden, Fevered, Starved' by Dr Richard Reid

      If anyone has something to add, please email it to me at



Forced labour Camps

      Ron - Lilian has sent me in a very good article on the Thailand - Burma Railway from a Dutch viewpoint, please view this at:

      Comments on this article would be appreciated.

      Thanks Lilian for sending it in.

      Janet - I think this is a brilliant article, and thank Lillian very much for her contibuation.

      Peggy - > Ron -- Yes, I thought this was great. And I am really glad that there is a growing record of international experience of pow/internees appearing at FEPOWS.

      Arthur - I have read Lilian's article which is well done.


Stichting Vervolgingsslachtoffers Jappenkamp

      Ron - A word about Lilian, who sent in the 'Forced Labour Camps' article.


      Lilian (Sluyter) is a member of "Stichting Vervolgingsslachtoffers Jappenkamp" (The Foundation of Japanese Camp Persecution Victims). This is a Dutch group who have taken the time to translate their site into English, (don't be put off by the home page being in Dutch, the following pages are translated into English).

      The following is taken from their site at: http://www.svjappenkamp.nl

      The "Stichting Vervolgingsslachtoffers Jappenkamp" (The Foundation of Japanese Camp Persecution Victims) was founded in July 2001, and strives that the amount that is being paid to Japanese camp victims by the government is equated with the amount allocated to other groups of persecution victims. The Foundation also requests attention for the reparation of damages that were inflicted in the period 1942-1945. The Foundation seeks to cooperate with organisations of common interest.

      I have added the link to the Fepow Community.

      If anyone would like to add the Fepow Group joining box to their web site, please use the code available at:




Hong Kong War Dairy

      Ron - >Tony (Banham) is an active member of the group and an established source of information on Hong Kong, where he now lives.
      He has worked very hard on his re-vamped web site which is well worth a visit particularly if you are researching Hong Kong.
      Tony says this is the first version of his 'Hong Kong War Dairy':
      Well done and looking forward to some more.


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