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      Andy Wade - Hello everyone,
      I'm the webmaster for the Force Z Survivors Association website, and I'm trying to assemble a list of survivors for the website, I'm having some luck with it, but I still keep getting emails from people who tell me about a relative who isn't on the list. The problem being that Casualty lists were more usual than survivors lists, the survivors were simply reassigned to other posts.
      Does anyone reading this have any information about any of the survivors?
      I'd appreciate absolutely anything that could be supplied, be it names, email addresses, news clippings, official documents and stories. I'll run biography pages for men for whom I have more information than just a name. It is of course extremely important that this information is not lost, and one of the aims of our website is to preserve the memory of the men and ships so that people can read and learn about them, much as the FEPOW site does.
      Our website is here:

      David Langton - >Ron, Have a look here:-


      Within the web site is "Ten Escape From Tojo", worth a read, view original, or it has been converted to text.


      Ron - Stephen P Evans has sent me his fathers memoirs on the war, these were written after Stephen's father Harold "Bill" had suffered a stroke. Bill used a poem he had written during the war as a reminder, to help his memory.

      Harold, sometimes known as “Bill”, “Chota”, and “The Best Leggi Man in the Business”, was born in Bootle, Merseyside on 11th August 1908 of Walter and Margaret Evans. He had two sisters, Margaret and Dorothy. He married the seven years younger Joyce Marty Johnston Hall on 5th August 1939, during RAF leave. They took a short weekend break as a token Honeymoon before he returned to his duties as an RAF Corporal and was posted to the Far East.

      Thanks to Haroldīs `never give inī approach to life we can now all share this remarkable story.

      This is Haroldīs story - The Best Leggi Man in the Business.

      Please select Prisoner Under The Rising Sun to go to story.

      Special thanks to Stephen who has given everyone the chance to read his fathers memoirs.



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Sharing information with others is rewarding in itself, the pieces from the jigsaw start to fit together and a picture begins to appear. Improve your knowledge and help make the Fepow Story an everlasting memorial to their memory.


The questions and answers from the emails sent in and the Message Board will be collated, any Leggies, including pictures or further information please send to:



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