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On Their Way Home

      Ron - Paul Morrell has sent me in a pamphlet on the homeward bound prisoners stop off at Adabiya. I have added some more to it to cover all aspects of the Fepow Repatriation, it makes interesting reading. Any more information sent in will be added.

Prisoner Under the Rising Sun

      Ron - Stephen sent in Harold Evan’s story of his experience as a Japanese POW. Stephen’s father Harold died in 1986, two years after writing down his story, thanks Stephen

Victoria Cross Reference

      Ron - The Victoria Cross is the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.

      The site is constructed by Mike Chapman

London Gazette 1948 - Force Z.


Foresters on Singapore by Paul Morrell

      Ron - Here is another good article sent in by Paul Morrell.

      Foresters on Singapore - In the late October of 1941 men of the 1/5th Battalion the Sherwood Foresters sailed from Liverpool aboard a converted P&O liner, the troopship Orcades, for an unknown destination. The 1/5th Foresters along with the 1st Battalion the Cambridgeshires and the 5th Battalion Beds and Herts, formed one of the three Brigades of the British 18th Division, 55 Brigade. They were in fact at that time destined for the Middle East.

      Any other detail on the Foresters would be appreciated.


Center for Internee Rights

      Ron - Apart from being another POW Organisation, the site it has loads of information within it.


      The Center for Internee Rights, Inc. a non-profit, tax exempt 501 (c)(3) Corporation was formed in 1990 to represent the plight of the Allied POWs, Civilian Internees and those in-hiding who suffered untold depravation by the Imperial Japanese Forces in World War II. We also represent the Next of Kin (NOK) of those interned who are now deceased. Anyone, however, can join CFIR, Inc.



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Sharing Information


Sharing information with others is rewarding in itself, the pieces from the jigsaw start to fit together and a picture begins to appear. Improve your knowledge and help make the Fepow Story an everlasting memorial to their memory.


The questions and answers from the emails sent in and the Message Board will be collated, any Leggies, including pictures or further information please send to:



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