Percivals Report

On his return to England after the war, General Percival was requested to provide a report on the war in Malaya and Singapore, Most of his report was published in Hansard. In 1948 he was induced to have the bulk of his report published. And a limited number of copies were published by Eyre& Spottiswood. I found a rough copy in Singapore in 1973. Since 1980 onwards I have tried to contact the exors of Eyre Spottiswood without success. I feel that this is the most honest report ever published, so in order to allow those hundreds of armchair theorists and historians among us, instead of publishing the book and making a profit. The best thing would be to place it on the web so that everyone interested in the war in the Pacific can read, the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth from the words and mind of a very honest man, A man who took the blame for the mistakes of others.

Arthur Lane





By Lt General A E Percival

Extract from his official report to the government 1946

Forward Foreword


Malaya in Pre-War Days Chapter I

Malaya in Pre-War Days

Assumption of Command in Malaya Chapter II

Assumption of Command in Malaya

The Plan of Defence Chapter III

The Plan of Defence

 Chapter IV

Further Preparations For War

 Chapter V

War Clouds Gather

 Chapter VI

Civil Defence

 Chapter VII

Eve of the War with Japan

Opening of Hostilities Chapter VIII

Opening of Hostilities


The Battle For Kedah

 Chapter X

 Withdrawal from North Malaya





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