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Religion in the Camps

Thailand-Burma Railway Camps



Cemetery at Chungkai


Cemetery at Chungkai

March 1945


Church Hut at Chungkai



Cemetery at Kanyu


Christmas at Kanyu 1942


Non Pladuk


Christmas Day 1943

Xmas Greetings to Both my Darling Wife & Baby

In Thailand Phil & Pat & though this day seems so dismal & unrealistic, it is brightined by the thoughts & love of my darlings. God Bless You my Dears, Pray next year he will allow us to spend it together




Xmas Menu at

P.O.W. Camp. Non Pladuk


Rice Porridge - Fish & Rice Risole

Stew & Rice - Pork Risole

Pork Stew & Rice - Meat & Rice Risole




Java Camps


Tandjong Priok

St Georges

Tandjoeng Priok - November 1942

Supplied by Capt.George Duffy

 My father, along with a few others was instrumental in actually constructing a small chapel which they named St. George's at Tandjong Priok camp. It had carved woodwork and even stained glass windows were constructed as a labour of love by the prisoners. Many of these materials were either prised out of reluctant Jap guards or stolen from buildings outside the camp en route for working parties. After the war the camp was bulldozed along with the church but the stained glass windows were saved. They now adorn the wall of the Anglican Jakarta Cathedral along with an inscription. One of the men who helped build and salvage the windows, my father has been trying to trace to see whether he is still alive.

John Baxter




Indonesian Camps


Oesapa-Besar - Timor


Padre Kennedy’s Chapel

Oesapa-Besar - April 1942

Supplied by Capt.George Duffy


Toc H Chapel

Oesapa-Besar - September 1942

Supplied by Capt.George Duffy


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