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Remembrance Day in Labuan

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GUARD OF HONOUR... Mounted by men from the Royal Malaysian Navy, Air Force, Army, Police and Labuan Garrison yesterday.


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WORLDWARII VETERANS ...KeithFroebel,81-year-oldAustralian ex-commando (left), Rahmat Mohammad, 83, Malaysian ex-Volunteer Police Force (middle) and Gordon Schutz, 82, ex-Royal Air Force personnel who received special mention at the Remembrance Day.

LABUAN: Remembrance Day was commemorated here yesterday morning at Malaysia's largest World War II Memorial to honour over 3,900 ex-servicemen from the Allied Forces and the local defence units who lost their lives during the 1941 -1945 World War II in Borneo.

Remembrance Day, earlier known as Armistice Day, has its origin dating back to the 1914-1918 World War I and it officially falls on the 11th day of the 11th month at the llth hour, marking the end of WWI hostilities in Europe. The significant date is also known as Double Eleven.

The British High Commissioner to Brunei., Mr John Saville, representatives and military personnel from the Australian, New Zealand, Indian and British High Commissions to Malaysia were present.

Also present at the annual commemorative ceremony were senior personnel from the Royal Malaysian Armed Forces, police, Government officials, local dignitaries and expatriates living in Sabah, Brunei and here.

In accordance with tradition, a two-minute silence was observed and red poppies were worn to symbolize human sacrifice. After prayers, wreaths were laid at the Cross of Sacrifice and the Indian Memorial.

The event was organized and hosted by Labuan Corporation with the co-operation of the private and public sectors.



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