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Sab ah The Right Honourable Sab ah Chief Minister

Tan Sri Datuk Chong Kah Kiat The Honourable Deputy Chief Minister / Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment, Saba

Yeo Boon Hai The President of Sandakan Municipal Council

 Order of Service Order of Service

James Wise H. E. Mr. James Wise, Australian High Commissioner To Malaysia

Boyd McCleary His Excellency Boyd McCleary: British High Commissioner to Malaysia

Major General J.R Stevens Director, Office of Australian War Graves

David Weiley Councillor David Weiley Chairman - Sandakan Community Education Committee Burwood NSW Australia

Terry Ginnane A Message to the People of Sandakan from the Community of Boyup Brook, Western Australia

Bryan Paul Lai A Veteran’s Reminiscence - Bryan Paul Lai

John Pope A Veteran’s Reminiscence - John Pope

The Catafalque Party The Catafalque Party

Acknowledgement Acknowledgement



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