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Musician to the Dead

By Arthur Lane

As you may be aware, I write, research and publish material about the Far East until it is coming out of my ears. I also publish a newspaper which is sent out to around 10,000 ex service men and women. Not all Far East vets, from this and my publishing, as you can imagine I receive lots and lots of anecdotes and stories.

On the day that 18th Div arrived in Singapore, I had been sent back from Mersing for R and R. To keep me out of mischief I was assigned to assist the men as they arrived at the race track. From there we took parties around Singapore showing them the various strong points. I have since thought that we were showing them the quickest way out. I had been in Singapore /Malaya since 1937 and knew every nook and cranny but it didn't do any good, I was still caught up in the bag.

However my main line of enquiry is about Colonel Wild. and reverand Noel Duckworth the Padre who was Wilds second in command, between them they saved many lives, including that of James Bradley who escaped. Wild and Duckworth kept his absence away from the Japs for several days.

No medals or thanks was ever handed to either muskateers.

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Percival’s Report will be published within my site over a period of time as this is a very large document.

On his return to England after the war, General Percival was requested to provide a report on the war in Malaya and Singapore, Most of his report was published in Hansard. In 1948 he was induced to have the bulk of his report published. And a limited number of copies were published by Eyre& Spottiswood. I found a rough copy in Singapore in 1973. Since 1980 onwards I have tried to contact the exors of Eyre Spottiswood without success. I feel that this is the most honest report ever published, so in order to allow those hundreds of armchair theorists and historians among us, instead of publishing the book and making a profit. The best thing would be to place it on the web so that everyone interested in the war in the Pacific can read, the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth from the words and mind of a very honest man, A man who took the blame for the mistakes of others.


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Under the Emergency Powers Act (1939) as amended by the Defence Act 1978), you are hereby notified that you are required to place yourself on standby for possible compulsory military service in the American Conflict. You may shortly be ordered to depart for the Middle East where you will join either the 3rd Battalion The Queen's Own Suicidal Conscripts or the 2nd Foot and Mouth. The regulars are too busy driving Green Goddesses to be there themselves.

Due to the recent rundown of the Navy and the refusal of P&O to lend us any of their liners, because of the deplorable state in which they were returned after the Falklands adventure, it will be necessary for you to make your own way to the combat zone. H.M. Government have been able to negotiate a 20% discount on one way trips with Virgin Airlines and you are strongly urged to take advantage of this offer (Ryan Air also do a nice little 9.99 trip).  Because of cutbacks in Government expenditure in recent years it will be necessary for you to provide yourself with the following equipment as soon as possible:

     Combat Jacket

         Trousers (preferably khaki - but please no denim)

         Tin helmet

         Boots (or a pair of sturdy trainers)

        Gas mask

         Map of the combat zone (the Ordinance Survey 1:2800 Outdoor Leisure Map of Iraq will do)


         Ammunition (preferably to suit previous item)

         Suntan oil


If you are in a position to afford it, we would like you to buy a tank (Vickers Defence of Banbury are currently offering all new conscripts a 0% finance deal on all X registration Chieftains, but hurry, as offer is only available whilst stocks last).

We would like to reassure you that in the unlikely event of anything going wrong, you will receive a free burial in the graveyard of your choice, and your next of kin will be entitled to the new War Widows pension of 1.75 per calendar month, index-linked but subject to means testing, and fully repayable should our side eventually lose.

There may be little time for formal military training before your departure and so we advise that you hire videos of the following films and try and pick up a few tips as you watch:

     The Guns of Navarrone

         Kelly's Heroes

         A Bridge too far

         The Longest Day

         Apocalypse Now

         The Matrix

         Blazing Saddles

         The Desert Song

         Mary Poppins

We do not recommend that you watch Khartoum.

To mentally prepare yourself for your mission try reading the works of Wilfred Owen or Rupert Brookes. This should give you some idea of what may be involved.

Yours faithfully,

G Hoon, Ministry of Defence

A Bush - Blair Production

Sponsored by Mars, The Official snack of World War III




Kids Should be Seen and Not Heard

By Arthur Lane




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By Arthur Lane

Arthur Lane Writer, researcher, publisher, editor NESA news.
61 Charles Street

NESA Newspaper


Arthur writes for NESA and has written many books on the Far East during WWII, where he too was a Fepow.

He served in Malaya from 1937 and therefore saw the build up before and during the Japanese attack, Arthur also was on the Thailand - Burma Railway. It was during this time, being a bugler, he was allowed to travel between the camps and played the last post at many prisoner’s burial. His Japanese papers named him 'Musician to the Dead'.

Arthur has some strong views on the Far East, as shown with Col. Wild's death, which have caused many emails to be exchanged. These views make very good reading and they do stimulate interest and debate.

It is therefore important to get these views down for all to read.

My thanks to Arthur for supplying these.

Please read them and any questions or replies send to .

Ron Taylor - Fepow Community


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