A Message From The Grave A Message From The Grave

      Bromide Bromide

      Buy a Poppy Buy a Poppy

      Disabled Squaddie Disabled Squaddie

      Gunfodder Gunfodder

      Nightmares Nightmares

      Ode To Winston From Singapore 1942 Ode To Winston From Singapore 1942

      One God Too Many Devils One God Too Many Devils

      Prophecy Of Albionís Fate Prophecy Of Albion’s Fate

      Prologue Prologue

      Riot Riot

      Sniper Sniper

      Soldier Inside Soldier Inside

      The Army That Was Betrayed The Army That Was Betrayed

      The Gospel According To Getsumin The Gospel According To Getsumin

      The Squaddie The Squaddie

      Thoughts of a Soldier Thoughts of a Soldier

      Two Things to Worry About Two Things to Worry About



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