When You Go Home

When You Go Home

(311 pages)

by Arthur Lane

This book is dedicated to the memory of those men and women who were killed during the fighting or who subsequently died at the hands of their murderous captors after the fall of Singapore or later as prisoners of war, sent to work as laborers throughout the Far East.

The book has been produced not only as a memorial to those very brave men and women, but also that the families of those involved in the conflict might be able to glimpse some of the places which are just place names. Three Pegoda Pass, Hell Fire Pass, Niki Niki, Chungkai, To Hanbazayat and others which conjure up in the mind some form of tropical paradise, but which in fact were stopping places to hell.

The book contains a condensed history of the fighting down Malaya and the fall of Singapore. The return journey to the former battle sites and prisoner of war camps built alongside the Kwai Noi. A complete roll of honour in which all who were killed in action or later died in the prisoner of war camps, are listed individually under their respective regiment, squadron or ship.

There are approximately two hundred photographs, many of which were taken with much patience by Philip Cawley. The book size is 210mm x 297mm containing three hundred and twelve pages in hard back with dust jacket.

Profits from this book (which may be obtained from any good bookshop) are being donated to National ex Service Association News.

ISBN No 1-897666-00-4 35.00 plus p/p