Where are all the Madmen

Where are all the Madmen

The war in Asia

by Arthur Lane

A true story which describes how Chuck Stewart deserted his regiment to go and fight the Japanese, and was awarded a court martial, charged with desertion in the face of the enemy. Suspended until the end of the war the case was adjourned sine die. It is not a nice tale, which tells of the war in the jungle through the eyes of Cpl Chuck Stewart a British soldier, Lim Hung, a Chinese Communist Recruit in the AJPA (Anti Japanese Peoples Army.), and Itu Nakahama, a private soldier in the IJA (Imperial Japanese Army) The details and the story are true. The telling and understanding is left to the reader.

Price: 5.00

Published date: 30 Jun 95

206mm(h) x 145mm(w) 252pp

Military History, Non-Fiction ISBN No: 1897666756