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      Burma Star

      Allied Land Forces South East Asia

      Created November 12, 1944

      Lt. General Sir Oliver Leese, Commander in Chief

      Headquarters originally at Kandy, Ceylon

      Headquarters moved to Barrackpore December 1, 1944

      Created from former 11th Army Group HQ + American officers


      14th Army - Lt. General Sir William Slim

      IV Corps - Lt. General Sir G.A.P. Scoones

      7th Indian Division - Major General F. W. Messervy

      19th Indian Division -Major General T. W. Rees

      23rd Indian Division - Major General O. L. Roberts

      XXXIII Corps - Lt. General Sir Montagu Stopford

      2nd British Division

      5th Indian Division - Major General D. F. W. Warren

      20th Indian Division - Major General D. D. Gracey

      11th East African Division

      Lushai Brigade

      268th Indian (Lorried) Brigade

      254th Indian Tank Brigade

      255th Indian Tank Brigade

      XV Corps - Lt. General Sir A. F. P. Christison

      - seperated from 14th Army November 16, 1944

      25th Indian Divison - Major General G. N. Wood

      26th Indian Division - Major General C. E. N. Lomax

      81st West African Division

      82nd West African Division

      50th Indian Tank Brigade

      3rd Commando Brigade

      Line of Communications Command - Major General G. W. Symes

      202nd Line of Communication (LOC) Area

      Ceylon Army Command -Lt. General H. E. de R. Wetheral

      - included Addu Atoll and Diego Garcia

      (not under ALFSEA command, but assigned to ALFSEA for operations)

      3rd Indian Division

      50th Indian Parachute Brigade

      Northern Combat Area Command (NCAC) - Lt. General Sultan

      American, Chinese and British forces

      The Chinese Expeditionary Force while in Burma

      Also good pages on web:

      PYMAN: 6 Papers relating to Pyman as Chief of General Staff, Allied Land Forces South East Asia (ALFSEA), 1945-1946

      War Crimes of the Second World War This leaflet gives a brief account of those records in the Public Record Office which relate to war crimes and criminals (both alleged and proved) during the Second World War. The procedures adopted for the investigation of war crimes and the trial of war criminals in Europe are dealt with in the first sections of the leaflet; there follows a section on records relating to the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. Finally, the investigation of war crimes and the trials of war criminals conducted by the British in the Far East are discussed.





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