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    4th Reserve Motor Transport Company 4th Reserve Motor Transport Company

    9th Northumberland Fusiliers 9th Northumberland Fusiliers

    18th Division 18th Division

    Abbreviations Abbreviations

    Alexandra Hospital Alexandra Hospital

    ALFSEA ALFSEA - Allied Land Forces South East Asia

    Ambon Ambon

    Arrivals and Departures at Changi Arrivals and Departures at Changi

    Atrocities Atrocities

    Ballale Island Ballale Island

    Barwick Tapes Barwick Tapes

    Batavia Hospital Batavia Hospital

    Books Books (April)

    Books Books (May)

    Books Books (June)

    Books Books (July)

    Books (September) Books (September)

    Books Books (October)

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    Books Books (December)

    Books Books (January)

    Brewster Buffalo Brewster Buffalo

    Bridge On The River Kwai Bridge On The River Kwai

    "Budd" Smith - RASC "Budd" Smith - RASC

    Cambridgeshires Cambridgeshires

    Camp Hospitals Camp Hospitals

    Camp Life-General Camp Life -General

    Camp Stanley Hong Kong Camp Stanley - Hong Kong

    Capt. Pitt Capt. Pitt

    Care Help Care Help

    Cemetaries Cemetaries

    Centre For Internee Rights CFIR - Centre For Internee Rights

    Chalker Collection Chalker Collection

    Changi Changi

    Changi University Changi University

    Christmas and Beyond Christmas and Beyond

    Civilian Camps Civilian Camps

    Colonel Wild Colonel Wild

    Comfort Women Comfort Women

    Convoy Outward North 30 Convoy - Outward North 30 - Britain to Halifax

    Convoy - William Sail 12X Convoy - William Sail 12X - Halifax to Singapore

    Dainichi Maru Dainichi Maru

     East Surreys

    Empress of Austrialia Empress of Austrialia

    Escapes Escapes

    Exeter Exeter

    Fepow List Fepow List

    Field Ambulance Field Ambulance

    Food Food

    Fukuoka Camps Fukuoka Camps

    Gordon Bennett Gordon Bennett

    Guards Guards

    Gunners 600 Group Gunners 600 Group

    Help Find Help Find

    HMS Exeter HMS Exeter

    HMS Tamar HMS Tamar

    Hong Kong Hong Kong

    Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps

    Indonesia Indonesia

    Java Camps Java Camps

    Kamiiso Camp - Japan Kamiiso Camp - Japan

    Leggies Lagi Leggies - Lagi

    Letter In the Leicester Mercury Letter In the Leicester Mercury

    Lisbon Maru Lisbon Maru

    Lost Articles Lost Articles

    Loyal Regiment Loyal Regiment

    Malaya Command Malaya Command

    Malaya Invasion Malaya Invasion

    Malayan Bomb Disposal Coy. Malayan Bomb Disposal Coy.

    Maros Maru Maros Maru

    Middlesex Regt. Middlesex Regt.

    NARA Reports on Japanese WWII War Crime Records NARA Reports on Japanese WWII War Crime Records

    Onahama Onahama, Japan

    Osaka Camp Osaka Camp

    Palembang Camp - Sumatra Palembang Camp - Sumatra

    Personal Memories of your time in the Far East Personal Memories of your time in the Far East

    Possible Escape from Sumatra Possible Escape from Sumatra

    PoWs Executed PoWs Executed

    POW in Nagasaki POW in Nagasaki - Diary of Eric Murray Jobling

    POW Tags POW Tags

    Prince of Wales Prince of Wales

    Propaganda Leaflets and Signatures Propaganda Leaflets and Signatures

    Pulau Brani Pulau Brani

    Rabaul Rabaul

    Rabaul Visit Rabaul Visit

    Rakuyo Maru Rakuyo Maru

    RAOC; 77HAA; Radar RAOC; 77HAA; Radar

    Religion in the Camps Religion in the Camps

    Repatriation and  Consequences Repatriation and Consequences (Sailing Home)

    Remembrance Remembrance (September)

    Researching POWs Researching POWs

    Royal Artillery,148 Field Reg.  Royal Artillery, 148 Field Reg.

    Royal Norfolks Royal Norfolks

    Royal Rifles of Canada Royal Rifles of Canada

    Sad News Sad News

    Sailing to War Sailing to War

    Sandakan Sandakan

    Short Stories Short Stories

    Singapore Coast Guns Singapore Coast Guns

    Singapore Convoy BM12 Singapore Convoy BM12

    Singapore Football Team Singapore Football Team - John Eric Hodkinson

    Singapore Fortress Singapore Fortress

    Singapores Last Days Singapores Last days

    Singapore War Crimes Trial Singapore War Crimes Trial

    Squadron 211 Squadron 211

    S.S. Nankin 1942 S.S. Nankin 1942

    Suffolks Suffolks

    Sumatra Railway Sumatra Railway

    Taiwan POW Taiwan POW

    Teia Maru Teia Maru

    Thailand - Burma Railway Thailand - Burma Railway

    Thanks To All Thanks To All

    Timor - fictionalised writing of true events Timor - fictionalised writing of true events

    Unit 731 Unit 731

    War Crimes Trials War Crimes Trials

    Web Sites Web Sites (April)

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