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      Ron - Written by Meg Parkes from the personal papers of Captain Atholl Duncan of the 2nd Battalion, a Scottish Prisoner of War in Japan

      The web site at covers the book in detail.


Bamboo and Bushido

      Jean - I have 2 copies of Bamboo and Bushido by A.G. Allbury. If anyone would like the spare and would care to e-mail me I will happily post it on. It's a grubby and dog-eared charity shop paperback but still perfectly readable.

      Keith - >Jean, Yes please if at all possible.

      Jean - >Keith, it's yours. I'll get it in the post in the next couple of days. I already
      have your address.


Battalion at War

      pkmorrell - Could anyone possibly help me please. I am trying to track down a copy of "Battalion At War Singapore 1942" written by Michael Moore, for a friend of mine who served with the 1st Cambridgeshires on Singapore.

      Ron - I have two copies of the book. I want to keep the hard back but would let the paper back go.
      Send me an email.

      Abe Books have a copy at 36.90


      World War Two Books have a copy at 37.00


The Railway Man - by Eric Lomax

      Polly - My friend read the above book and it helped her greatly as she lost her 'sweet heart' in the Burma Railways during WWII. She asked me whether I could possibly obtain an email address of the author so that she could convey her thanks. I don't know if this is possible, and if not, I would be grateful to know even this email has reached him.

      Keith - >Poly, This book, of which I have a copy, was first published in 1995 by Johnathan Cape. The copy I have is a paperback published by Vintage, part of the Random House Group,
      Drop them a note, see if they can help. However, this is one of a number of books about the Burma Siam Railway, what made her read this one? If at all possible, if your friend can supply details of the one she lost, it might be possible to find out a little more. I say maybe, as she is not next of kin so to speak, it may put obstacles in the way. Sorry if I have not worded that very well, but I do not want to hold out false hope to anyone.



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