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      Marina - I am trying to find information on my father who was a FEPOW during the war. His name was Isaac Gordon Williamson (although he liked to be known as Gordon). He was a private with the Royal Scots and was captured by the Japanese when his garrison was capitulated on 25th December 1941. I have no further details but really would like to know more of where he was taken and what happened to him during his years of captivity. I hope somebody here can help me or point me in the right direction in my search.

      Garth64 - I am sorry i cannot help you with information about your dad,but i was wondering if you could tell me if you recieved any feedback or have any ideas of how i could also find a fellow royal scot who was also captured at hong kong,his name was david mckenzie (my uncle) d.o.b 14/02/1918 (i think) my mum has not seen or heard from him since the war and would love to find her brother,many thanks and good luck with your quest

      Philippa - My parents were captured in HK C'mas Day 41 and my mother was in Stanley for the war, my Dad Shampshuipo then to Japan.

      I was in HK in September, but cannot gain entry to the camp site of course;
      it is again a prison. Such memories though. My parents died in 1998.

      Presume you've all read Prisoner of the Turnip Heads?

      Are there many other titles written by people who were in Stanley?

      gerrycotton - from Fepow Community Message Board

      Shamshuipo and Nagoya POW camps

      Posted 12-27-2002 13:11

      Can anyone advise of any survivors from either of these two camps in HK and Japan who might still be resident in Hong Kong?
      My Dad Signalman Ray Cotton will be returning with me to HK in the next couple of months (C.March 03)for the first time since release in 45 and would like to meet up with anyone with whom he might reminisce about old times and to revisit old haunts.

      Tony - >Gerry, There are still a handful of ShamShuiPo survivors living in Hong Kong (such as Arthur Gomes of the HKVDC), but I don't know of anyone from Nagoya here.




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