Singapore Football Team

Singapore Football Team


Names of Team

      Any help on the photo would be appreciated

      I am no further in finding info on my grandad Mr JOHN ERIC HODKINSON A.C.1 1104224 TENCA CAPTURED APPROX 11.5.1943 DIED 22.4.45 at Sandankan, Borneo. Its so frustrating as i have 2 dates for his death 21 and 22 aprill 1945 and on the leter from the red cross ref F.E.13849 it says 2 class aircraftman but you can get dates but then it feels as though there is nothing known about them surley there is something somwhere.

      May they all be remembered for ever


      Steve Mockridge - For Paul re his grandad RE Hodgkinson. Would be pleased to talk to Paul as my dad survived Sandakan and I'm off to Borneo next month with Lynette Silver.

      My telephone no. is 02380893065.

      Paul - >Ron I just had the TV on and saw a documentary on Singapore during the second world war I don’t know what it was called but was interesting as the mod have v little info there seemed to be alot there from the directions given by Percival to the fall of Singapore

      I think off what I saw my granddad Mr john Eric Hodkinson 1104224 was in the 1 or 2 Malaysian as they were stationed near Changi before being forced back to Tenca as I have Tenca in some papers already it said ‘We fought hard and pushed all the way until there was no option but to surrender

      I got a letter from mod the other day it states my granddad was stationed at TANGAH JAVA before his capture he was diagnosed with malaria 1 Jan 1945 it also says there is no know of movement between 12 March 1941 and 3 Aug. 1942

      I found it strange that they knew this but not much else

      I have his enlistment papers but it doesn’t give what unit he was with

      I got some photos of Kranji war cemetery off Steve Mockridge which he took paticulary on my granddad

      In the same section there are three names which appear on the photo of the football team in Singapore all.

      Paul - >Ron further to my letter earlier the documentary was on the Discovery Channel if it is on again if can find the title I will record it

      I just spoke with my dad and some of the details were very similar only that my dad has been told that they escaped from Java pow camp and I in Singapore along with some Australians he definitely was in Changi before he was caught so hopefully I am on the right track as to find more details especially what regiment he was with unit etc. I have had to order several books via special order



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