NARA Reports

NARA Reports on Japanese WWII War Crime Records


      The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) this week published a substantive new report to Congress on the declassification of records concerning Japanese war crimes in World War II.

      NARA's Interagency Working Group described some of the highlights of the 18,000 pages that have been declassified to date, including such things as Japanese bacteriological warfare-related activities, and reported on the status of the remaining 60,000 pages that await declassification review.

      See the new report on "Implementation of the Japanese Imperial Government Disclosure Act and the Japanese War Crimes Provisions of the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act" here:


      -Most interesting thing I found among the list of declassified records is a US investigation of Col. Masanobu Tsuji (who helped plan Yamashita's Malaya campaign and was responsible for the infamous Chinese massacre in Singapore.

      Ron - Its a good days reading Robin.

      Some of it is heavy committee reading.
      The Historical Record section is the most rewarding, starting with:
      Records of the War Crimes Trials


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