Mick - I am at the moment doing a lot of research on my father Lance Corporal Joseph Titley 21 Lt A A. Regt. Workshops,

      R. E. M. E. He died on Sunday 4th of February 1945 and is buried in Labuan War Cemetery. I have just received an email from one of your members, Brian Green, who gave me a great deal of information and another source for my research. I read all of the emails and would like to thank all of the people who give their time and expertise to help others such as myself. Brian's email gave me the name of the ship that dad went out to Java on and that started me thinking "what happened to it" so I have spent the last two days on the internet and I have found this site, it gives us another source of information.

      I hope that this may be of some use, I would like to think that it may help someone.

      Keep up the good work,

      Best Wishes,


      Terri-Anne - How are all of you guys. I haven't spoken with any of you for quite some time. I guess I was really busy with my paper and with school coming to an end and all. Anyways I am happy to tell you that I finished my paper. My teacher loved it and I received a mark of 100%. Thank-you so much for helping me. I really enjoyed hearing all of your stories and learning about the lives of POWs. My essay would not have been such a success without you. I will never forget the things I have learned from doing this paper and am really glade I chose this topic. I will be sending you a copy of my paper via Email very shortly. My teacher wishes for me to submit it into many contests and because of publication rules by some contest regulations I cannot yet release my paper. I will hopefully have sent it by remembrance day.

      Thanks so much again.

      Huang Jiahui - Hi! I'am Jiahui and I'm from Singapore. As I am currently doing a Social Studies or do you call it History in Europe and America project on World War II I want to thank you for all this infomation, especially the picture of the Japenese Surrender.



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