Ron - Don't think I've gone religious on you but there are some new pages in Fepow Community that deal with religious aspects of POW life in the camps.
      I will be adding some more later.

      If there is anything anybody would like to add, please email me.

      Janet - >Ron, I have got a photo 2001 of the Changi chapel ( recontructed on it's now permanent site ) that John took last year while we were n route to OZ, would you like that for the Religous site info ?

      Ron - >Janet, Yes please, it would help, a picture is worth a page of text.
      If you want to add anything to the text please send it in.
      It is a different approach, one which I wouldn't normally try, but I think it is important to the Fepow's story.

      John Baxter - My father, along with a few others was instrumental in actually constructing a small chapel which they named St. George's at Tandjong Priok camp. It had carved woodwork and even stained glass windows were constructed as a labour of love by the prisoners. Many of these materials were either prised out of reluctant Jap guards or stolen from buildings outside the camp en route for working parties. After the war the camp was bulldozed along with the church but the stained glass windows were saved. They now adorn the wall of the Anglican Jakarta Cathedral along with an inscription. One of the men who helped build and salvage the windows, my father has been trying to trace to see whether he is still alive. I'll e-mail separately about this man when I know more from my father.

      John Baxter - The person my father has been trying to trace who was a POW at Tandjong Priok camp and who made the stained glass windows at St. George's Church that the prisoners built was a Lt Commander Upton. He was in the Royal Naval Reserve and after the war he apparently worked for Cable & Wireless. Attempts at contacting C&W have thus far proven useless - so much for a communications company! They've not responded to any of Dad's letters to date. It is likely that he is no longer alive but Dad would very much like to know. If anyone knows of this man, please let me know.

      Tony Fuller - >John, C&W have an archive, or did up to two years ago, in London - I know because I did some research there.

      Try writing to the archivist at the London Headquarters direct.

      If that fails, write to their Chief Exec or alternatively, ask to be put in touch with their retired members group - I went through them and got what I wanted.

      Ron - There are some more pictures added to the Religious pages.

      under Java and Indonesia Camps.

      I have never seen these before, they have their own beauty, sent by post all the way from USA, by Capt. George Duffy.

      Thanks George

      Janet - >George, Thank you so much for sending those for us all to view, what wonderfull drawings, and St George's was truely a remarkable building wasn't it.

      Ron - I have just added Harry Stogden's story, he made the Changi Cross. It was sent in by his son Bernard.

      This is a very remarkable story and well worth a read.

      The pictures taken by Harry have never been seen before.

      My thanks go to Bernard for sending the story and the pictures in.

      The full story is on the 'Religion in Changi' page:

      under Changi Cross.

      Janet - >Ron, I would just like to say, what a great job I think you have done on Harry's page.
      Bernard must be so proud to see for himself and to share with us all such a wonderfull tribute to his Dad.

      I have read it twice and I feel such humility.

      My Dad always told of the bloke who made the artificial legs.

      I wonder if that is Harry ?

      Ron - >Janet. Bernard also sent me his diary of research which makes interesting reading.
      It is on page:

      Bernard has been to Singapore to see the cross and been allowed to take it out of its case, what a moment for him.

      He has a great Welsh accent, makes my Norfolk drawl sound a bit earthy and flat.
      Bernard is on the Fepow List so any questions will reach him through it.

      Any more detail connected with the cross or Harry Stogden, would be appreciated, however small.

      Ron - Added a little more to Religion which Bernard has sent in, written by Rev Cordingly about St Georges in Changi.

      It can be found at:
      under St Georges.




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