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London Gazette 1948 - Malaya and Netherlands East Indies

      Ron - A dispatch by Sir Paul Maltby published in 1948 by the London Gazette as a supplement. Transferred to html and can be searched.

      Ron - Finished typing the article.

      Report on the Air Operations During the Campaigns in Malaya and Netherlands East Indies From 8th December, 1941 to 12th March 1942. by Vice-Marshall Sir Paul Malty as published in the London Gazette 1948.


      Hope you enjoy it, its been another long typing session, two weeks worth.

      David - >Ron
      I take it you are now "qualified at typing"?
      Thank You Very Much

      Ron - >David

      I'm quick, still with the one finger.

      Keith - I hate to tell you this, but you have covered the land war, and the air war, somewhere there must be a gazette on the Naval war!
      I have yet to see a copy, but I'm sure it's out there. Well done.

      Ron - First an apology to Sir Paul, I did a small typo in the email about the last report it should have read Sir Paul Maltby.

      The Gazette article I put on two weeks ago is about Force Z although it doesn't cover all the Naval War in the Far East, it does cover the sinking of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse in detail.

      I also have one on the fight back in Burma, it is rather long, I will do that one later. It will go with the Kohima articles and the first big gains against the Japanese by the Allies.

      Thanks to all for the kind emails, it makes the sore finger worth it.


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