Malaya Command

      Ron - Busy typing out the London Gazette 1948 for the site, Percival wrote this report while a POW. You can see Part 1 at:

      London Gazette - I am now well into the invasion in Part2.

      LIEUT.-GENERAL SIR HENRY POWNALL also wrote a report, under British Preparations.

      The Battle Order is the complete listing of the troops on the day Japan started the invasion of Malaya.

      Rising Sun is a complete listing, this does include all the internal and external articles.

      Ron - For those of you who are interested in the Japanese invasion of Malaya, the London Gazette is up to the 13th January 1942.

      The first part of the 18th Division have just landed.

      Keith - You are a glutton for punishment, but nice to see the Gazette finally there. If you need me to supply details of where my father's note appeared, let me know.

      Ron - Up to Singapore now, twenty pages today, good day.

      When I get it on maybe we can add some script linked in to help, like an index of events, but let me get it all on first.

      Part 2 was better not so heavy going as Part 1, more interesting.

      Part 3 looks as though it will be as well.

      Tired now going to bed.

      Ron - Three days latter - The London Gazette is on in total now.

      I will get round to putting linked information in, Keith’s dad made quite a few comments on the article, I would like to include them with Keith’s help..



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