Changi University

      Roger - Dad taught maths at "Changi university," which operated until too many POWs had been moved up-country. Does anyone out there have any information about "Changi university"?

      Ron - > Roger, I don't know if you have seen the pages on the Changi University at:
      There is also an excellent cartoon on these pages about delivering books to Changi.

      Lesley - >Roger, There's a book called Undercover University by Frank Bell which is about Changi 'University'. I got it from my library, so perhaps yours could order it for you?

      Steve - >Lesley, I have just returned from Kuching where I visited Lintang Barracks Camp. There is a small museum there which displays some of the 'University' certificates awarded at Kuching.

      When my father (LAC Les Mockridge) was removed from Sandakan to Kuching the Japs to avoid him mixing with the other ranks placed him in the Offcers Camp where he became a batman to Frank Bell and others.

      Stuart - >Steve, Lynette mentioned your visit, but I hadn't realised you visited Batu Lintang - my mother's first husband died there.

      Can you tell us all about your trip?

      Steve - >Stuart, Only 5 of us from the ANZAC 2002 Tour continued on to Kuching. There was 3 Aussies incl a lady whose father was a civilian internee there (& Berhala Island), John Bessant and myself. I am writing an account of the tour hopefully to be published in the COFEPOW Newsletter and The Java Journal.
      As you are probably aware Lintang is now a Teachers Training College but a few remnants of the POW Camp remain.
      Would you like some photos?
      By the way Lynette Silver is a remarkable lady. She has incredible feelings for the men who perished at Sandakan/Ranau. This was her 7th tour and for the first time managed to 'navigate' a logging road to reach Ranau Jungle Camp 2, the final camp of the death march. No words can describe my feelings when we looked down upon that site.

      Stuart - >Steve, Love to see the pics. JAva Journal? Now I don't know that. Please tell me more.

      Yes, I know a bit about the training college. Also have a few plans of the camp, and I assume you have seen the vaste archive of OZ pics taken at liberation (oh, and one or two good aerial pics just before liberation)

      Yes, I have got to know LS pretty well, definitely remarkable. Did she comment on how the Singapore book is coming on?




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